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In this section we are addressing most common questions regarding the proper use of activated charcoal and Carboactive products. If your question is not in the list feel free to contact us directly by using the contact email provided on this website so our qualified customer service officer will respond to you as soon as possible.


What is the optimal dose of activated charcoal and in what time in respect to my daily meals if I want to reduce bloating ?”

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends at least 1 g of activated charcoal minimum 30 minutes before meal and right after meal to soothe bloating. 


“Should I open the capsule and use the powder within if I want to use activated charcoal on my toothbrush ?”​

Carboactive activated charcoal can be used outside of the capsules but be careful not to inhale particles of activated charcoal when opening the capsules. 


“What is the activated charcoal overdose risk ?”​

Activated charcoal does not absorb from the intestines but pasess through and is excreeted by the stool. There is almost none risk of activated charcoal overdose.


“How about mutagenic and cancerogenic effect of activated charcoal ?” ​

There is no noted mutagenic nor cancerogenic effect of activated charcoal in humans.


“What are the optimal Caroboactive storage conditions ?”​

Keep Carboactive capsules in its original packaging at room temperature.


“Are there any precaution measures if at the same time I am using other medical products together with Carboactive ?”​

Carboactive with its adsorptive properties binds toxins, microorganisms, but it can also tie medicines and food ingredients as well. Therefore, it is advised to exercise 2 hour interval between administration of other products/drugs.


“If I open Carboactive capsule can I use the content for my home made peeling skin cream ?”​

Activated charcoal from Carboactive capsules can be used in the form of powder outside of the capsules. See more in "PRODUCT" page.


“Can my pet (dog) use Carboactive capsules ?”​

Carboactive capsules are produced under good manufacturing practice for human use products so you can use it for your pets as well.


“My product has expired, can I still use it?”​

Carboactive capsules are best before 3 years after production. To keep all the beneficial effects of the product it is recommended to use it before the expiry date.


“I want to detox my organism and plan to use activated charcoal over 6 months, are there any negative side effects ?”​

Activated charocal from Carboactive capsules has strong non-selective adsorption properties. Therefore it binds vast range of substances (normal food ingredients as well) within the intestines. To avoid malabsorption of food ingredients over longer period of time consult your healthcare professional on optimal duration of treatment.

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